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BAEFeasibility Studies
BAEConcept Design
BAEDeliver Green and Energy-efficient buildings systems solutions
BAEPreliminary Design
BAETechnical Design
BAEDetailed Design
BAEPreparation of specifications
BAEControl and coordination of design development
BAEObtaining Design Approval

Execution of construction works

BAEPreparation and release of tender procedure for Contract award
BAEProject Management on site
BAEControl and coordination of design development
BAELegal services/consultations

Maintenance and operational management of building systems

BAEAnalysis systems
BAETechnical optimization


Project Expo 2000, phase IV

Bavaria Aircondition Engineering Ltd. has started provision of services for project management and site supervision of the works for construction and commissioning of an office building and surrounding infrastructure - phase IV of Business park Expo 2000.

The Investor of the project is Expo 2000 Real Estate EOOD, as part of the Raiffeisen Property International GmbH.

The gross area of the project is about 17 000 sq. m. and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. The design envisages construction of an 8-storey office building with 2 underground levels, incorporating innovative technologies and state of the art in the field of engineering knowledge and expertise.

All construction materials envisaged in the design shall comply with the criteria for green building construction. The design and construction of the building shall be subject to certification as per the requirements of LEED rating system for sustainable development targeting at the award of a Platinum certificate.

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Business Park Tirana, Albania Further to the implementation of a project Tirana Business Park a state of the art business complex in proximity of the Albanian international airport, Bavaria Aircondition Engineering OOD has started work on design development for the HVAC and WSS systems of the first three buildings which are expected to be implemented by the end of 2014. The project involves the construction of 17 buildings, 2 of them shall accommodate parking lots. The total built-up area of the project amounts to 200 000 sq.m. and includes also a drinking and waste water treatment plants and a technical building.

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Promenada Mall, Bucharest In January 2013 BAE started work on provision of consultancy services for Project Promenada Mall, Bucharest. The scope of services includes: tenants design coordination, time & cost management, overall commissioning of the building, including green building certification, etc.
Promenada Mall is the new center for shopping and entertainment in Bucharest designed to be open for visitors at the end of 2013. The gross floor area is 57 000 sq.m., including 1400 parking spaces, and 35 000 sq.m. - rentable area.

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Commercial centre Mega Mall Sofia

> Consultancy services and coordination of the design and execution of the works for part buildings systems

> Participation in negotiations and meetings with the parties involved in the project

> Asissts the Employer in solving technical problems

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Hagebaumarkt Regenstauf, Germany
  • Builidng systems design

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Business Centre EXPO 2000, Sofia
  • Optimization of energy systems for phases I and II of the Expo 2000 Project
  • Design of building systems, coordination of design development and project management for the construction of a eight storey building with an underground parking of 40.000 sq.m., representing phases III and IV of the Project.
    Making use of groundwater for heating and cooling of the building.
    Preparation of a concept for implementation of innovative for the country solutions for heating and cooling ceiling panels.
  • Project management and site supervision of the works for construction and testing of production and reinjection wells in compliance with the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design of the project.
  • Project management and site supervision of Project EXPO 2000, III-rd construction phase, covering partial demolition of an existing building and construction of a new prime office building (total built-up area of 10 000 sq. m.), incorporating innovative technologies and state of the art in the field of engineering knowledge and expertise.

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Industrial and administrative building Centillion, Sofia
  • New construction of industrial and administrative building for the manufacturing of medical hearing aids four storey building with an underground level and total built-up area of 7 500 sq. m.
  • Consultation and design of building installations
  • Use of  groundwater for heating and cooling of the building
  • Use of modern equipment - Turbocore

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Commercial Centre Mall of Sofia
  • Technical analysis
  • Maintenance of the cooling systems with a capacity of 8MW
  • Inspections of security installations
  • Construction of BMS incl. new design development

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Headquarters of Raiffeisen Bank Romania Floreasca City Center Bucharest
  • Construction of a skytower and an office building
  • Consultancy Services
  • Time and Cost Management

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