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BAEFeasibility Studies
BAEConcept Design
BAEDeliver Green and Energy-efficient buildings systems solutions
BAEPreliminary Design
BAETechnical Design
BAEDetailed Design
BAEPreparation of specifications
BAEControl and coordination of design development
BAEObtaining Design Approval

Execution of construction works

BAEPreparation and release of tender procedure for Contract award
BAEProject Management on site
BAEControl and coordination of design development
BAELegal services/consultations

Maintenance and operational management of building systems

BAEAnalysis systems
BAETechnical optimization

Bavaria Aircondition Engineering

Building systems have dynamically changed over the past years due to the added new energy regulations with higher requirements to the building installations, tightening of construction budgets, rising energy costs, greater consumer awareness and expectations, the advance of technologies and their performance in the field of construction.

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition Systems have a significant impact on the long-term value and cost efficiency of a building. If well-designed, these largely unseen systems can make the commercial workplaces and public buildings more valuable and their occupants more productive.

Bavaria Aircondition Engineering Ltd. relies on the extensive experience of its founders and the team of experts is capable to offer innovative and functional design solutions in terms of investment and exploitation costs.

The company has employed engineering staff with full design licence and offers consultancy services covering the overall investment process design, construction and exploitation, namely:

  • Design development of building systems, including planning, coordination and control
  • Construction management and investment control
  • Maintenance and management of existing building systems
  • Legal services/consultations

We aim at following a creative and productive approach, while taking into consideration the efforts and exchange of views by all project parties, fostering clients financial interests correctly and within the agreed time frame. Bavaria Aircondition Engineering Ltd. is a reliable partner to clients with a progressive stance to sustainable environment development and making us of best construction practice. We are fully committed to expanding our business as a reputable leading company in the field of construction, delivering a European quality services to the Bulgarian market.

News & Events

Commissioning and fit-out works on project Expo 2000, phase IV
01 Mar 2018
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Project for reconstruction of a retail center in Roth, Germany
04 Dec 2017
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Residential building /Vaastu house/
03 Jul 2017
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Design development for the building installations of a new office building in business park EXPO 2000
20 Oct 2014
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Award of the preliminary gold certificate as per DGNB system on project EXPO 2000, phase III
01 Oct 2014
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